College Station Police Officer Awarded for Heroic Actions

College Station Police Officer Awarded for Heroic Actions
Officer David Simmons

College Station Police Officer David Simmons has been honored with the Outstanding Service Award for his courageous actions during a recent incident in the Northgate area.

On November 6, 2022, at approximately 2:10 am, Officer Simmons was working an off-duty shift assisting the College Station Police Department’s Community Safety Team Enhancement Program (CSTEP) in Northgate. A confrontation erupted between two individuals in front of Officer Simmons and his colleague, Officer Stockton. Officer Stockton used OC spray to intervene, inadvertently exposing Officer Simmons to the spray as well.

During the altercation, one of the individuals involved produced a handgun and pointed it in the direction of Officer Stockton. Despite the effects of the OC spray, Officer Simmons managed to restrain the suspect and secure the firearm while calling for backup. His quick thinking and effective communication enabled responding officers to handle the situation swiftly and safely.

Despite the discomfort caused by the OC spray, Officer Simmons persevered, preventing a potentially dangerous escalation. His selfless actions not only protected his fellow officers and the public but also exemplified the dedication and bravery of the College Station Police Department.

The department commends Officer Simmons for his unwavering commitment to duty and willingness to prioritize the safety of others above his own.