City of El Paso Narrows Search for Next Police Chief to Four Finalists

The City of El Paso has made significant strides in the search for its next Police Chief, narrowing down the candidates to a final selection of four highly qualified individuals. The finalists, listed in alphabetical order by their last names, are Steve Dye, Peter Pacillas, David Ransom, and Victor Zarur.

The process began in May 2023 when the City initiated a nationwide search, extending the opportunity for both local and national leadership to apply. To ensure a comprehensive selection process, the City engaged the services of Strategic Government Resources (SGR), a Texas-based executive recruitment firm specializing in identifying exceptional leaders for local governments. SGR’s rigorous recruitment and vetting process garnered an impressive pool of candidates, with 25 applications received from candidates across 11 states.

The selection process was inclusive and involved soliciting input from various stakeholders and community leaders. SGR conducted an online community survey and organized feedback sessions with the Mayor, City Council, and other key figures to identify the essential qualities desired in the City’s next Police Chief.

Under the guidance of Deputy City Manager for Public Safety Mario D’Agostino, the Police Chief Search Committee meticulously reviewed the applications and identified the four finalists who best met the criteria.

The upcoming phase of the process entails hosting on-site interviews, consisting of multiple interview panels and practical exercises, alongside a public reception. The City invites community members to attend the reception, providing an opportunity to meet and listen to the finalists. The reception is scheduled to take place at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, September 13, at the Museum of Art.

Profiles of the Finalists:

  • Steve Dye: A veteran of law enforcement, Steve Dye served as the Chief of Police for Grand Prairie, Texas, from 2011 to 2020. He has held several leadership roles, including Deputy City Manager-Chief Operating Officer. Steve’s extensive career encompasses service in multiple police departments and involvement in the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Community Policing Committee. He holds a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and a bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement and Police Science.
  • Peter Pacillas: With a tenure at the El Paso Police Department since 1985, Peter Pacillas has held various significant positions, including Interim Chief of Police and Assistant Chief. His accomplishments include serving as part of the department’s first full-time SWAT team and his role as Interim Commander of several units. Peter holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership.
  • David Ransom: Beginning his public safety career with the El Paso Police Department in 1992, David Ransom has an impressive history in Patrol, Gang Enforcement, and SWAT. He has since expanded his leadership roles, serving as Assistant Director of Public Safety at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and currently as Chief of Police at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. David holds a Ph.D. in Global Leadership, a master’s degree in Strategic Leadership, and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.
  • Victor Zarur: Victor Zarur’s journey in law enforcement began with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, followed by a transition to the City of El Paso Police Department. He currently holds the position of Executive Assistant Chief (Interim), Operations – Office of Performance and Development. Victor is also an Adjunct Professor at El Paso Community College, where he imparts his knowledge of criminal justice. He possesses a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

The City of El Paso is moving forward with its comprehensive process to select a new Police Chief, ensuring that the chosen leader aligns with the community’s expectations and needs.

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