Chambers County Sheriff Reports Arrest in Vacation-Travel Scam

Chambers County Sheriff Reports Arrest in Vacation-Travel Scam
Mary Emily Lockard-Furry

Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne announced today that on July 10th, Mary Emily Lockard-Furry surrendered to authorities in Hardin County during the early morning hours.

The arrest follows reports to the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office concerning a nationwide vacation-travel scam allegedly perpetrated by 38-year-old Mary Emily Lockard-Furry. Investigators believe Lockard-Furry targeted individuals in Chambers and Jefferson County areas, offering to assist with vacation planning and arrangements in exchange for upfront payments. However, she allegedly failed to fulfill the financial obligations of the travel arrangements and evaded clients when questioned about the status of their payments.

On June 14th, deputies from the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office responded to a complaint regarding Lockard-Furry’s activities. The complainant, who had utilized Lockard-Furry as a travel agent for an upcoming trip, reported making substantial payments to her via Venmo. Upon learning of news coverage detailing Lockard-Furry’s fraudulent behavior, the complainant promptly filed a report with local authorities. Subsequently, Chambers County issued an arrest warrant for Lockard-Furry on charges of Theft of Property valued between $2,500 and $30,000, classified as a State Jail Felony.

Lockard-Furry was initially arrested in Jefferson County on June 18th under the same charges and was released on bond the following day. The investigation remains active as additional individuals continue to come forward with reports of being victims of the alleged scam.

Victims who believe they have been affected by Lockard-Furry’s activities are urged to contact their local law enforcement agency and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division at (409) 835-8411.