Assault on High School Coach After a Game Leads to Arrest of Two

Assault on High School Coach After a Game Leads to Arrest of Two
Jarrick Allen and Jevin Allen

On the evening of December 5, 2023, at approximately 9:52 p.m., the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to a distress call at Willis High School concerning an assault in the school’s parking lot.

According to reports, a coach employed by Willis Independent School District (I.S.D.) was attacked by a group of individuals, including a 17-year-old student identified as Jevin Allen. The incident occurred following a game between Willis and Conroe. Allegedly, Jevin had been benched during the game due to his behavior towards an opposing team player, causing frustration for both him and his family.

Upon returning to Willis High School, the coach encountered Jevin and his family waiting in the parking lot. A verbal confrontation ensued, escalating to physical violence. Jevin allegedly punched the coach in the face, while his 22-year-old brother, Jarrick Allen, joined in the assault.

Witnesses, including another coach and unidentified bystanders, intervened to break up the altercation. The suspects fled the scene following the intervention.

Deputies, during their subsequent investigation, reviewed video surveillance and interviewed witnesses, confirming the victim’s account. The assaulted coach sustained injuries to his head, neck, face, and arms.

Both suspects, Jevin and Jarrick Allen, were located and arrested for assault on a public servant. They were subsequently transported to the Montgomery County Jail. Post-arrest, the individuals were released after posting a $23,000 bond each.